Thank you for your interest in supporting the training and preparation of the next generation of Christian leaders for New Zealand.

We believe The Shepherd’s Bible College produces leaders who love God, depend upon the Holy Spirit, and serve Christ wholeheartedly. The Shepherd’s Bible College promises to give its students a solid grounding in biblical theology, biblical methodology, and practical ministry experience.

But we are conscious of our dependency on the Lord to complete this work, and we know we need people like you, who share our desire to see churches in New Zealand strengthened by people who know the Word of God. We need you to join us in praying for and supporting The Shepherds Bible College.

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Like most Bible colleges and seminaries around the globe, The Shepherd’s Bible College cannot fully cover the financial burden of providing its programmes by receiving student fees alone and is dependent upon special friends who support the training ministry. If you are interested in supporting the ministry of The Shepherd’s Bible College by committing to contribute to the financial needs of the Bible College, please e-mail to indicate your interest in becoming a friend of The Shepherd’s Bible College by sponsoring this vital leadership training ministry.

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