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New Tribes Mission and TSBC

One of the organizations that the Shepherd's Bible College has a great relationship with is New Tribes Mission. New Tribes Mission is a world-wide organization devoted to training, sending and supporting missionaries around the world. In New Zealand the Shepherd's [...]

Student Testimony – Rob

Back in a 2014 Equipper (our monthly email - subscribe here), we asked Rob to share why he came to The Shepherd's Bible College. For Rob, it came down to a need to be better [...]

Preach the Word – Part 4

“Preach the word” (2 Timothy 4:2): Its Implications (Part 2) We previously saw (post #1) that 2 Timothy 4:2, within its context and with careful attention to its wording, provides us with a much needed [...]

Six indicators you don’t believe in the authority of scripture

When the Bible speaks, God speaks. But do we recognize this? Do we care enough about what God has said? Every Christian will tell you that they follow the teachings of Jesus. Many western Christians will [...]