One year, part time–work while you study

While the Certificate in Christian Studies is a 60 unit course – normally completed in six months of full time study, it has been spread out to allow it to be completed comfortably part time over a 1 year period. This allows students to work full or part time while they study.

Students only need to be on campus for classes at the beginning of a course. Class work is due 5-6 weeks after the on-campus classes conclude


The Certificate in Christian Studies is structured as a study cohort, meaning all students work at the same pace. This means students build long term relationships together throughout the year, providing a source of long term encouragement and support.


Many students find they love learning about the Word of God and want to do more study. The Certificate in Christian Studies allows students to defer graduation and continue toward a Diploma in Biblical Studies.

Costs and Fees

The Certificate in Christian Studies programme fees total NZ$3,000. Fees are due in seven payments on the final day class work is due. A registration fee of $40 is due upon application.

Courses and Dates
Applications for the Certificate in Christian Studies must be received or post dated by December 31 along with the $40 registration fee. The following table reflects the current plan for the 2016 cohort. Fees are due at the end of class and prior to the beginning of the following class. All fees must be paid in order to graduate.

Classes required for the Certificate in Christian Studies may be found here along with due dates and costs.

All classes are required classes. In addition, all students are required to sit and pass an English Grammar class. There is no charge for the English Grammar course, but completion is required prior to graduation.

All classes in the Certificate in Christian Studies can be credited toward the full Diploma in Biblical Studies if the student wishes to continue studying.

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