Church OfficeThe Shepherd’s Bible College is linked permanently with the ministry of Riverbend Bible Church and has extensive use of the facilities owned by the church.

The Riverbend Bible Church property is 9½ acre site. It hosts a 600 seat auditorium, large kitchen and dining facilities, multiple church offices, library, bookstore, classrooms, three private homes, two motel units, a 28-bed conference facility, a 96-bed bunkroom facility, children’s playground, water slide, flying fox, tennis/basketball/netball/volleyball courts, soccer and rugby fields, swimming pool, and summer camping facilities.

TSBC Library

The Shepherd’s Bible College Library offers a comfortable atmosphere for students to study. The collection Worship Centrehas been developed around the college curriculum with the students’ needs in mind. Biblical and theological studies comprise the greatest portion of the library.

The library facility provides students with access to the Internet via a broadband connection in order to assist research. Students can access
our on-site Bible software programmes which contain over a thousand searchable Bible resources.

The Shepherd’s Bible College’s acquisitions plan ensures that new books are regularly added to the library from all categories relating to the
courses offered. The library holds a number of journals, both new and old, and regularly evaluates and upgrades journal resources for the
benefit of the students.

05 Kowhai CourtThe Library Goals

  • To provide the students and faculty of The Shepherd’s Bible College with an excellent tool to aid their study and research
  • To provide the students and faculty of The Shepherd’s Bible College with an effective, comfortable environment in which to conduct their studies

The Library Website

Please visit the library website where you will find over 5,000 of our items in holding listed on a web accessible online catalogue. Via the website, students can check on an item’s availability, see items which are issued to their ID along with “Due Dates,” or request an item to be held for them by the librarian. Virtual libraries listing recommended reading for each course are accessible via the website. The library website is here.

Borrower Privileges

After enrolment, students are issued with a Library Membership Card which grants them access to the college library and allows students to begin borrowing items from the library collection.

Any item may be used inside the library, by any patron, regardless of borrowing privileges.

Annual Fee Item Number Limit Loan Period
– Books
Loan Period – Audio Visual Renewals Reference/ Graphic Items Journals
RBC Junior Free 5 14 days 7 days 1 For use in library only For use in library only
RBC Adult Free 10 28 days 7 days 1
TSBC Students Free 10 28 days 7 days 1
Faculty & Staff Free 20 28 days 7 days 1
Community $20 5 14 days 7 days 1
Institutional $30 10 14 days 7 days 1
Consortia By arrangement Not available



Overdue book fines are $1 per week or part thereof (excluding 3 days grace), and apply to all borrowers. No items may be checked out if you have unpaid charges over $10.00. Lost or damaged items will be charged at replacement (or repair) costs plus a $5 processing fee.

Helpful Reminders

  • You must present a library membership card in order to check materials out from the library.
  • “In-House” reference books and periodicals are not to be taken out of the library for any reason.
  • A printer/photocopier is available in the Riverbend Bible Church office building, during office hours.
  • To renew a library book you must physically bring the book into the library along with your library card (or renew online via your login. Items cannot be renewed if another borrower has place a hold).
  • There is to be no food or drinks in the library at any time. The only exception to this is water bottles with sports tops.
  • Please do not re-shelve books that you use while in the library; place on Returns Desk or in Returns Box when you have finished with them.
  • After hours returns can be left at the Gracebooks NZ bookstore.
  • Please make sure to turn your cell phones onto vibrate or off when you enter the library.
  • If you do receive a cell phone call while in the library, please exit to the foyer to complete the call.
  • Keep all conversations in the library short and at a low volume. If your conversation begins to drag on, please exit to the foyer.
  • All library fines (i.e. late fees) must be paid and/or all checked-out books must be returned or renewed prior to completion of the TSBC semester.

P1050060 croppedUsing Library Computers

The library computers may be used for study, writing assignments, personal e-mail, and research purposes only. No unauthorised software is to be installed or run on any of The Shepherd’s Bible College computers.

Credit students may print assignments and other study material from the library computers.

The printer/photocopier is located in the Riverbend Bible Church office building and is only accessible during normal office hours.

When printing from the library computers, use the following printing codes;

  • Black copies: 8010
  • Colour copies: 8011

The following charges apply, and are to be paid at the printer via the honesty box provided:

Black Colour
A4 5 cents per page 25 cents per page
A3 20 cents per page 30 cents per page

Site Map

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