distinctivesThe Shepherd’s Bible College is committed to four areas of personal development in its students;

Sound Theology

The Shepherd’s Bible College is committed to the authoritative, infallible, sufficient Word of God. Every class uses the Scriptures as the only authoritative rule for faith and life. Every lecturer is committed to the Word of God and its ability to transform the hearts and lives of individuals. Other theological distinctives include; a literal, historical, grammatical hermeneutic, a belief in the total depravity of individuals, a commitment to the sovereignty of God, a distinction between Israel and the Church, a pre-millennial view of Christ’s return and a commitment to local church autonomy. These distinctives are most commonly observed in the ministries of expository preaching, biblical (nouthetic) counselling, and presuppositional apologetics.

Academic Excellence

Students are encouraged to reach their full potential through the duration of their studies. With ready access to a ministry-proven team of dedicated faculty and staff, and a growing library facility, all students are given a great opportunity to pursue academic excellence.

Character Development

Academic excellence alone does not fulfil the mandate of The Shepherd’s Bible College. Character development plays an important part in the learning and maturing process of every student. Students are able to discuss this aspect of their training with personal mentors who are themselves currently pastoring people in local church ministries. These relationships are developed in part during discipleship labs where evaluation and feedback is offered.

Ministry Competence

The Shepherd’s Bible College is uniquely associated with Riverbend Bible Church. This relationship enables students to have firsthand involvement in the various ministries of the church. The Shepherd’s Bible College believes the best way to train students is to locate them right in the heart of church ministry. Placing students within the ministries of local churches provides opportunities for pastoral care, accountability, discipleship, and personal mentoring. For students who desire a future pastoral or church leadership role, The Shepherd’s Bible College will develop expositional preaching skills for the purpose of equipping others for effective ministry.

Why does The Shepherd’s Bible College exist?

The Shepherd’s Bible College exists for GOD

Our desire is to bring glory and honour to God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ, by equipping men and women for every good work through the precise teaching of God’s infallible, inerrant, authoritative, and sufficient Word.

The Shepherd’s Bible College exists for the LOCAL CHURCH

We are committed to strengthening local churches because the church is God’s primary instrument for maturing the saints and reaching a lost and dying world. Therefore, training men and women to serve in the body of Christ is paramount. Equipping the saints for local church ministry is the heartbeat of The Shepherd’s Bible College.

The Shepherd’s Bible College exists for STUDENTS

We provide training for all believers with a special emphasis on identifying and training leaders to lead God’s church. Our courses are designed to cultivate spiritual maturity in every student as they devote themselves to the Holy Scriptures. Evidence of spiritual character is essential in the lives of each student, and personal qualities such as integrity, faithfulness, holiness, and commitment are encouraged in all classes, ministry experience, and student body life.

Vocational Aims

The vocational aims for The Shepherd’s Bible College are that graduates will be involved in:

  • Serving as significant lay leaders in local churches, or,
  • Establishing new churches, or,
  • Pastoring existing churches or fellowships, or,
  • Ministering as missionaries in New Zealand and internationally

The Diploma of Biblical Studies programme is viewed as a first step in providing the training needed to accomplish these long-term goals.