The Shepherd’s Bible College’s courses are approved by New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) under the provisions of the Education Act 1989, and The Shepherd’s Bible College is accredited to teach them.
The Shepherd’s Bible College latest External Evaluation and Review Report was undertaken by NZQA on 16th January 2013.

Summary of Results

Statement of confidence on educational performance

NZQA is Confident in the educational performance of The Shepherd’s Bible College.
Between 2006 and 2012, 20 of the 23 students enrolled in the Diploma of Biblical
Studies graduated with the diploma.  While the majority of students at TSBC study
for interest only, a few have subsequently enrolled in and completed the diploma.
There is substantial evidence showing that all students achieve significant personal
and spiritual growth, resulting in contributions to their local churches or in overseas
missionary work.  While the student numbers are low, these are significant
achievements in terms of the qualification achievement rate and in the achievement
of soft skills across all students.
A high percentage of those who complete the diploma gain employment as pastors
within the associated churches, or move on to further study, for example enrolling
in a programme of study at the Master’s Seminary in the USA.
The needs of the students and external stakeholders are well met, as evidenced
through the organisation’s self-assessment, including surveys and ongoing weekly
involvement through its church networks.
TSBC has appointed appropriately qualified tutors and programme leaders, and
maintains effective and regular performance appraisals leading to professional
development.  The evaluation team noted a high level of respect and engagement
between students, staff, and management, facilitating an effective learning
The governance structure is strong and independent of the college and includes
external input from the wider church community.  In the main, management stays
up to date and current with regulatory changes, although there are gaps in this area.
The evaluation team found no significant gaps in the educational performance at
TSBC and noted that the organisation has effective processes to assure itself, its
students, and stakeholders that it is providing highly effective education and
support to its students, is meeting identified needs, and is adding significant value
to its church community.  However, the evaluation team considers that with the
organisation’s planned growth, there is room for improving the robustness of some
systems and processes such as ensuring that the organisation stays up to date
with all the requirements of a registered private training establishment.

Statement of confidence on capability in self-assessment

NZQA is Confident in the capability in self-assessment of The Shepherd’s Bible College.
TSBC has strong informal connections and communication within its New Zealand-
based and overseas network of churches, which provides regular ongoing and
effective identification of education and training needs and feedback on the value
the college adds to its community.  The organisation has recently implemented a
range of online surveys, such as with students at the end of each course,
graduates intentions, and stakeholder feedback.  Enrolment, attendance, and
achievement data has been gathered over many years and is maintained on a
bespoke database.  However, while it is reviewed, there is limited analysis of this data.
This combination of informally collected qualitative data, formal surveys, and
quantitative data is being used to some extent to review the organisation’s
educational performance.  TSBC is very small in terms of student numbers and
programmes, and the informal processes noted are, in the main, fit for purpose for
the organisation’s current size and complexity.
TSBC is not yet using this bank of qualitative and quantitative data to analyse and
review its performance across such measures as gender, ethnicity, between
courses, or across tutors.  However, the organisation is planning to increase its
programme offerings and increase student numbers.  This may necessitate a more
structured or formal self-assessment system to ensure that TSBC is meeting the
increasing diversity of needs of its students and other stakeholders.
The evaluation team considers that TSBC’s self-assessment processes are
currently providing assurance that the organisation is meeting the needs of its
church community and the students are gaining value from their studies, given the
college’s present size and complexity.

The Shepherd’s Bible College’s full External Evaluation and Review Report report can be viewed here.