As we reflect on the Lord’s ministry over the last 20 years, we see an increase in Bible teaching churches and a number of God’s people who have been better equipped for the ministry the Lord has for them.  Yet, this is but a beginning to what we hope will be a national revitalization of effective ministry unto the building up of God’s church and the expansion of His kingdom in New Zealand.  So, we are looking to the Lord to develop a new training ministry, broadly represented by solid churches around the country which upholds the inerrant and sufficient word of God.

As we look to the Lord for this new development, we also look to Him with thankfulness for what He has done.  Over the past 15 or so years, God has been pleased to use TSBC as a place to equip many of His people.  Graduates are serving their churches well in all sorts of roles and responsibilities.  We have graduates as camp directors, youth workers and even as pastors.

Reason for closure

Over recent years, our primary means of support, has decreased and now come to an end.  This particular trust provided wonderfully to get TSBC off the ground and running.  However, their support was intended to be for a short time while others were found to support the ministry.  As efforts were made, this trust was happy to continue supporting TSBC for a number of years.  However, 5 years ago they began to decrease their support, keeping us fully informed that they hoped others would come alongside and fill the gap.  Last November, we received their final support and yet, others have not come along.

Now, today, we inform you that this week the board has decided that it is best to close TSBC at the end of this calendar year (2016).  This decision has been made to provide clarity for both staff and students. For our paid staff, this clarity and early notice provides an opportunity to find other ministries they can serve in.


Speaking of the staff, we want you to know that all are in the process of seeing the Lord guide to the next ministry that He has for each one.  Please be praying for us as we wait on the Lord to confirm His desires. We’ll update the front page with information related to staff.

The future

The closure of TSBC is not just a challenge, but this is also an opportunity.  There is a strong desire and commitment among a number of churches around New Zealand for a strong training ministry.  This will take a different shape and have a broader base of churches that are integrally involved.  This is key to having an effective and sustainable training ministry.  While the shape of this is not clear yet, we are looking to the Lord for direction.  One thing that is clear is that we need more good churches and God’s people need opportunities to be equipped.

We invite you to pray with us as we look to see more good men in good churches and the opportunity to continue to provide good training as well.