2016-06 DigDeeper
Need a mid-year refresher? Dig into one of these courses and learn to savor the Word and its history.

Bible Study Methods – June 30-July 4, 2016.

Everyone wants to study the bible, but most people wish they could do it better. Why not take our Bible Study Methods course? The Bible Study Methods course is designed for elders, Bible teachers, home group leaders, small group leaders, leaders in development, those discipling others, in fact, ALL believers! Whether as a refresher or first-time study, join us as Tony Nuñez walks us through how to interpret and apply the Bible

A study of the general principles essential for the correct interpretation of the Bible and the specialized principles when interpreting certain genres of the Bible. This class biblically establishes the literal, grammatical, historical principles of interpretation and builds the methodology from it. The student will be guided in developing skills in observation, interpretation, and application based on historical, contextual, grammatical, canonical, and genre studies.

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Church History – July 22-24, 2016

Church history traces the heritage of faith in Christ, throughout the centuries. History is rich with those who have believed and sacrificed for things that we take for granted today such as a translation of the bible into our own language, our understanding of the incarnation and more.

It also answers simple, every day questions such as why are there denominations?  Why do some churches hold so strongly to traditions?  What was the Reformation all about?  Sometimes we wonder things like this.  Church History is the class with the answers.  This is a jet tour of what the Lord has done through His church over the centuries.

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The price of these classes is more affordable than ever, what are you waiting for?