takecontrolRegistration for individual enrolment in classes is now open. The first two courses are focused on spiritual development and will greatly enrich your walk with the Lord.

In Biblical Living you will learn why and how to take control of your own spiritual development. This course introduces you to the purpose, effect and importance of implementing spiritual disciplines. You will be introduced to the core disciplines and hear fresh ideas and approaches to help you establish and maintain a life of increasing holiness.

In Work and Productivity you will see that since God works, so too we were intended by God to work. You will be introduced to a biblical theology of work and we will address some of the core issues that prevent us from being effective in our tasks, as well as techniques for organizing, planning and executing on goals and tasks so that the follower of Christ can be fully equipped for the work the Lord has for us (Eph 2:10).

These are both new classes, and are foundational to the Certificate, and Diploma.

Take a look at our course list, and sign up for a course! You can pay online or bring the course fees with you on the day. If the price is a problem, and you’re enthusiastic to grow in Christ, let us know and we will help  you out. Similarly, if you would like us to teach one of these courses at your church, get in touch, we’d love to serve you!

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