Around this time of year we often think about what we did over the previous year and what we will do in the 12 months. Let me challenge you to focus your attention this year on making 2016 an important year in your walk with Christ.

With that in mind, what would make a big impact on your walk with the Lord in 2016? Let me suggest several options.

Just starting out?

Perhaps you’re new in the faith or you’ve not really focused on your walk with Christ in a while. If so, the most important thing you can do is not commit to reading the Bible in a year, or praying for an hour every day. Instead, commit yourself to spending 15 minutes each morning (or at another time of day you can make part of your routine) in reading the Bible and praying. The important thing is not the task itself, but the commitment and the time. In that time, read as fast or slow as you want in a systematic way (i.e. the gospel of John, or Psalms) and then pray about whatever stands out to you from what you read. If you can do this for two or three months, start to put a little more structure around it.


If you’ve already established the daily discipline of listening to God as He reveals Himself in His Word, and regular prayer, challenge yourself to read through the Bible in a year. Head over to this page and take a look at the multitude of reading plans there, pick one and get underway. If you’ve never read the Bible chronologically, I recommend that option since it revolutionizes your understanding of the composition of the Bible and particularly the old testament.

Want to take it to the next level?

If you’ve already become consistent and want to take your walk with Christ to the next level, consider studying at The Shepherd’s Bible College. Classes start on February 9 with Orientation, and then my own Biblical Living class which is designed to enrich your devotional life and approach to walking with Christ. The Certificate in Christian Studies is designed so that you can come for classes and then do the remaining work from wherever you live, so that you work full time and study part time. The Diploma in Biblical Studies is a full time course in which you will read through the entirety of the Bible in less than a year (it can be done) and be challenged in a number of other classes to grow in Christ. To apply, download and fill in the forms here.

Even if you don’t want to do an entire Certificate or Diploma, consider signing up for my Biblical Living class and be challenged and enriched in your own devotional life, so that 2016 can be a year in which you push your walk with Christ to the next level. To sign up for just one course, send an email to and let them know you want to audit the class (make sure you do the reading and class work to get the most out of it).

We at The Shepherd’s Bible College pray that 2016 will be important for your because in it your discipline led to an increased love for Christ and His Word!