10ReasonsToStudyIf you’ve been considering applying to take the Certificate in Christian Studies or the Diploma in Biblical Studies, you are running out of time to apply. The deadline for applications is February 1. While it will be possible to take individual classes throughout the year, after that date it will not be possible to start and graduate this year.

In case you’re on the edge, here are 10 quick reasons to consider studying at the Shepherd’s Bible College in 2016:

  1. To grow in respect to salvation (1 Peter 2:2)
  2. To grow in the knowledge of God’s will so as to please God (Col 1:9-10, 2 Cor 5:9)
  3. To abandon the things that hold back your walk with the Lord (Heb 12:1-2)
  4. To treasure His word to restrain sin (Ps 119:11)
  5. To be revived by the Lord’s lovingkindness to obedience (Ps 119:88)
  6. Because you’ve always desired to know the Word better (Prov 13:12, 19)
  7. To be a better leader (1 Tim 3:1)
  8. Because you don’t want your laziness to empty you (Prov 14:4)
  9. To defeat sin (James 4:17)
  10. To break out of the mould (Rom 12:2)

Cross Credit

If you’ve already done some study, consider transferring them in your application. If you feel trapped into your current programme of study, or even if you started but didn’t finish something, contact us and transfer your credits to us!

We want to help you grow in your knowledge of and obedience to God’s will in 2016. If any of the reasons above motivate you, take a look at our study options and enrol before the time expires!