The video above, provided by TMAI features Dr Bill Barrick, missionary to Bangladesh for 16 years, and professor at The Masters Seminary in California. Having been involved in a variety of cultures he explains why pastoral training is necessary.

Pastors are called to preach and teach the Bible, with an understanding of the literature, culture and background of the texts so that they can faithfully convey the full meaning of the Word of God and so that it impacts the lives of those under their ministry, resulting in transformation into the image of Christ to the glory of God.

This doesn’t happen by accident. Watching YouTube videos is not enough, sitting in lectures is not enough. The pastor needs to be actively engaged in the text, grapple with the literature, its background, culture and history in order to be able to personally transformed himself, before he can effectively minister to others.

If you want to experience the transformation that comes from immersion in the Word of God, in order to lead others into rich transformation, consider whether The Shepherd’s Bible College can help prepare you.