Did you know that in a recent survey 51% of people under 17 believed that it was acceptable to lie to an employer? This reveals a key reason why young people often struggle in the workforce. The same survey indicated that for people over 50 only 10% believed it was acceptable to lie to an employer. This also represents a great opportunity for young Christians to stand out in the workforce. Integrity, a core Christian hallmark of character is undervalued by their peers.

At The Shepherd’s Bible College we want to develop the character of our students, but we are going beyond that. With the recently refreshed Certificate in Christian Studies, we are teaching them the Christian foundations not only of integrity, but how to be an effective employee.

In class we talk about the practical elements of “getting things done,” tracing effectiveness back to biblical principles while also considering what the Scriptures tell us about laziness and hard work.

We require that students implement the skills they learn in class throughout the entire year, as they study toward their Certificate in Christian Studies. Their final grade for the year will be dependent on how well they implement the skills, measured in their ability to plan their workload and get assignments done on time. Along the way, we provide feedback and correction to help them improve.

This produces students who have a higher work ethic, education in and experience implementing great work habits, and the confidence that comes from proving themselves over and over throughout the year.

If you are considering taking a year out at the end of school this year, consider giving your self a leg up by studying toward a Certificate in Christian Studies at The Shepherd’s Bible College.